We Live in Hell.

This is what we hear online every day. So, let’s talk about it.

Modern Hell.

This is a semi-frequent dispatch on the hell of the modern world. How everything sounds great, but kinda sucks. How we’re ruining our brains, our planet, and our lives. And how — maybe — we can escape the hell we’ve created.

What’s this newsletter about?

We build our modern world with the tools we have. Modern Hell will talk about how those tools impact our decisions and the kind of world we can build with them. Modern Hell will explore how technology impacts society – politics, arts & culture, climate, sport, and many things in between.

Who writes it?

Modern Hell is written by Colin Horgan, whose bylines have appeared in The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, and others.

How often do I get it?

Modern Hell will not overload your inbox. Dispatches will appear without any regular cadence – but they will appear. Count on something a few times every month.

Do I need to pay?

No. All posts will be free.

However, Modern Hell takes time and effort to create, so will operate on a patronage model. An option is available for you to show your support with a monthly or (discounted but non-refundable) annual contribution. Your support is greatly appreciated!